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About Us

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CCT is leading the way in Multi-Experience customer engagement solutions. CCT helps companies communicate with existing contact channels and next generation customer interactions. CCT provides web and mobile based applications for on prem and cloud deployments. This includes the automation of voice, web, email, chat, co-browsing, instant messaging and video, ensuring customer service agents and knowledge workers adapt easily to the changing customer expectations, decreasing contact center costs and providing efficient relationships with their customers.

Multi-Experience Management Solutions


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CCT offers solutions for medium-sized businesses and for large, globally active companies. The systems are based on the portfolio of leading manufacturers, as well as the own Omni-Channel Desktop solution ContactPro, which is integrated with leading manufacturers. These include Avaya, Salesforce, MS Dynamics as well as SAP CRM and CafeX Communications. The CCT ContactPro portfolio is marketed worldwide through the Avaya Selected Partner Program SPP and seleced resellers.

CCT always focuses on innovation and best practices to optimize and extend existing infrastructures in order to deliver unique solutions for customer retention. CCT helps companies to communicate with the new generation of customers via mobile engagement solutions, chat, video and social media, enabling them to reduce contact center costs and build closer customer relationships.

Our team is comprised of experienced industry experts who are passionate about helping our enterprise customers deliver a superior experience to their customers and gain a competitive advantage

Get to Know Our Team

Andrea Kreuter
Andrea KreuterCEO CCT Solutions
Andrea is the co-founder and CEO of CCT Solutions and leads the project management implementation services for complex software integrations for contact centers. Andrea has more than 25 years of experience in setting up and operating multichannel, omnichannel and CRM solutions for medium and large companies, especially in the areas of voice, email, chat and IM messaging for contact centers. Before Andrea co-founded CCT, she gained experience in management positions at companies such as Avaya, NCR, Siemens Business Services, T-Systems and other leading providers of communication and CRM software.
Daniel Homm
Daniel HommDirector Solutions Engineering, CCT Solutions
Daniel has over 20 years of experience in the communications and information technology industry, with a particular focus on the multi-experience contact center sector. After his apprenticeship as a telecommunications electronics technician, Daniel gained in-depth knowledge of PBX systems from a wide range of manufacturers during the course of his career. Special emphasis was placed on the products of the manufacturer Avaya. For more than 12 years, Daniel has been a senior consultant to numerous well-known companies in the area of strategy and technology for customer interaction management. For more than 7 years he has been strengthening CCT and is now leading the Presales team. As Director Solutions Engineering he is also responsible for the product portfolio at CCT.
Stephan Danz
Stephan DanzManager Application Implementation & Senior System Engineer
Stephan leads the Application Implementation Team at CCT and due to his wide-ranging competencies, he also supports presales, demos, presentations and customer consulting. Stephan joined CCT in 2009 after completing his apprenticeship as an IT engineer for system integration at Deutsche Telekom. Stephan has deep knowledge of Avaya Aura and Contact Center Solutions and is a proven ContactPro expert due to his long tenure at CCT. He has acquired extensive knowledge of many solutions such as RingCentral, Cognigy and Twilio in order to provide our customers with the best possible support and consulting.
Uwe Kreuter
Uwe KreuterCEO CCT Solutions
Uwe is co-founder and CEO of CCT Solutions. He advises numerous well-known companies in the field of strategy and technology for customer interaction management. Within CCT Solutions he follows his passion in serving his customers very well over multi- experience touchpoints with a very long customer journey. Uwe has more than 25 years of experience in contact center and telephony technologies, including management positions at companies such as Avaya, Lucent Technologies and Cisco. He is a graduate engineer (FH) of communication engineering and studied in Wiesbaden.
Stefan Schneider
Stefan SchneiderDirector Product Management, CCT Solutions
Stefan is a startup member of CCT and leads the product management, as well as the development organization of CCT Software. He has more than 15 years of experience in building and operating multichannel and omnichannel solutions for medium and large enterprises, especially in the areas of voice, email, chat and IM messaging for contact centers. Stefan has many years of experience in customer interaction management solutions with companies such as Avaya, Twilio, Cognigy and Google CCAI software.
Brandon Greene
Brandon GreeneDirector Solutions Engineering CCT Solutions U.S.
Brandon is the leader for the US Solutions Engineering team. With extensive experience in Contact Center technologies, Customer Experience (CX) and Agent Experience with both Large and Small companies in the US, he brings a very professional view to these companies who would like to make improvements. His philosophy is that it isn’t about the technologies that support CX, it’s about the people helping to make the technology work. His background of over 15 years includes leading contact center operation and integration for complex systems, to Business Development. With a track record of success, his philosophy is “customer first, always”.
Uwe Seiler
Uwe SeilerManager System Integration & Implementation, CCT Solutions
Uwe has more than 20 years of experience in building and running communications solutions for large enterprises, with a particular focus in the areas of voice communication and contact centers. He is leading CCT to build and operate integrated communication solutions based on Avaya Aura, Avaya IP Office, Nortel CS1000, RingCentral/ACO and other vendors. He is a long-time expert in CCT´s solutions and leads CCT`s system implementation team.