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ContactPro AIC

ContactPro AIC & Oceana

CCT ContactPro for AIC is a scalable agent desktop solution for multi-channel inbound applications on the Avaya Interaction Center (AIC) platform. The optional CP Outbound module enables proactive customer engagement. 

ContactPro (CP) for AIC allows to manage business transaction across channels. CP for AIC allows the replacement of the Report Wizard business application with the ContactPro Administrator, enabling integration of additional media such as social media or IM and enhancing the desktop with the presence Function. In Addition, the feature integrates telephony quality monitoring functions. The ContactPro Supervisor Application and WEB Reporter enable flexible and modern Agent Management.    

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   Features include:

  • Customer-One-Point
  • Meaningful reports
  • Comprehensive E-Mail management
  • Web-Chat-Social-Media integration
  • Presence
  • Dynamic views









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